Alltrack, All In!! Part 1

November 28th, 2016 by


There’s a new kid in town.  Isn’t that the old saying? Or, at the least, an extremely popular song by the Eagles.  Regardless of where you have heard the term, there is a new kid in town and this kid is hot.  Of course, I am referring to the all new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack.  This is the VW way of taking the Golf Sportwagen into next frontier.  The Alltrack features a 170-hp 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder that pairs with a six-speed automatic and a brake-based all-wheel-drive system. The raised suspension provides 6.9 inches of ground clearance, which makes it perfect for all of those off road camping trips that you have been postponing, simply because you didn’t have the vehicle to get you there.

Adventure Awaits!!

The All Wheel drive system in the Alltrack is what makes this wagon so special.  The power train of the new member of the Golf Family has a leg up on the competition when the road gets rough with the 4Motion all-wheel drive. 4Motion is an on-demand system that defaults to a basically front-wheel drive 90:10 front-to-rear torque split under most conditions, but can shift to up to a 50:50 split as slip is detected.  Couple this with the Alltrack’s Drive Mode Selection and you have fantastic control over your driving experience.  The 170 horsepower and the 199 lbs. of torque that the 1.8L turbo engine is throwing out, makes it a champ when you are off road with adventures.

When I was out last week testing this new Alltrack out, I went downtown on Main Street to take this picture.  I thought to myself, what better place to take this picture, than right in front of one of my favorite local restaurants.  If you don’t know about Cantina 76, they are a locally owned Mexican food restaurant.  If you are looking for great tacos and a fabulous margarita to wash them down with, you should definitely give this place a try.  I stopped in that night and got an order of the dirty dip to go.

The Golf Alltrack is available in the S, SE and SEL trim levels.  Options like panoramic sunroof and driver’s assistance packages are available.  If you are the outdoorsy, adventurous type, then the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack might be a new option for you.  Come check it out at Midlands today and take a test drive to see if this is the car for your needs.

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