Beetle Fire

August 8th, 2017 by

Midlands Volkswagen

This post is all about love. It is all about the love that I have for my 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo. But, in order for me to explain why I have this love, I need to take you back to 1989. 1989 was the year that I had my first obsession with VW. My childhood was based in Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Let’s face it, who wasn’t? When it came to my mother, she was a little bit different. She was not into those things. She just supported my obsession. But, whenever we were driving around our fair city of Columbia, she would always point out the “Bugs” on the road.

She would yell out the color and I would do my best to see over the door sill and see it. Maybe it was because you got to call a car a bug, or maybe it was because they were so different from all other cars. Whatever the reason, it was one of my favorite games to play with her. It made me grow up loving the VW Bug. And, as I got older, that fascination grew. When I was able to start driving, I started wanting my own. Around 1989, I was getting ready to graduate high school. I was thinking about all of the money that I was going to get for graduation and it was the perfect time to finally get the car I had always wanted. I think I paid less than $1500 for it. It was a white 1972 Super Beetle, and it was mine. Pushing a monster 60 horsepower engine, this bug would scream. Not really. But, the day I took the stock engine off of it and put a stinger exhaust without a baffle in it, I learned what a noise violation ticket was. I was running premium gas in it, and blue flames were shooting out of it. It was amazing. I felt like a character in Grease.

That was the only car that I had ever wanted, and it is the only car that I wish I had back. So, I decided that I wanted to capture some of that magic again by getting another Beetle. That day came when my 2013 Beetle came on the lot. The first time I saw it, I did my best to avoid it. I had just bought a car and I didn’t want to kick myself for not waiting. But then, something fantastic happened. My wife decided that she wanted my Tiguan. I could give my car to her and use her car to get the car of my childhood, once again. Buying this Beetle has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I no longer get bummed sitting in traffic. I never get tired of looking at my car in the driveway. And, I get so many compliments on it that it is hard to go anywhere without someone stopping me to say, “hey, nice car.”

With that being said, don’t you think that it is time that you got yourself into the car of your dreams? What are you waiting for? Life is too short to not be happy in your car. If you have any indication getting into the VW of your dreams, then come see us at Midlands Volkswagen. Let us put the comfort and trust back into your car buying process.

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