Is The VW GTI Autobahn Safe for Your Family?

July 11th, 2017 by

Safety For Your Family Comes First

The question posed at the beginning of this blog, is whether or not the Volkswagen GTI Autobahn is safe for your family. The obvious answer to this is a resounding yes. Everyone, by now, knows that Volkswagen makes some of the highest safety rated vehicles on the road today. But what is it about VW, that makes their vehicles so safe?

Technology has come a long way. Especially, in the world of automobiles. Everything from integrating your phone into your car through Bluetooth, to the computer chip that controls how much air and fuel get to the engine, is part of how technology has made our means of travel better. But, technology and how we use it, does not stop there. Eventually, cars will drive themselves, but until then, the advancements that have come are amazing.

The GTI Autobahn has incredible features like Blind Spot monitors and Autonomous Front Braking. But, did you know about the Intelligent Crash Response system, or what is commonly known as the ICR? In the event of an emergency, 4 things will automatically happen. The fuel pump will shut off, the brakes will go on, the door locks will unlock and the hazard lights will come on. These safety features prevent you from the overly abused, Hollywood dramatization of being trapped in a burning car. To me, this is one of the biggest reasons that I have chosen, not one, but two Volkswagen vehicles for my family to ride in. You can tell by the video that is above this write up, that my children are important to me, and I want them to not only enjoy the ride, but also feel safe.

If this is how you feel about your family, shouldn’t you take a second look at the new Volkswagen vehicles that are available? Join me in putting your family first, and take a test drive today. See what German engineering can do for your family at Midlands Volkswagen in Columbia, SC. You won’t be disappointed.

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