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October 31st, 2016 by


Hello, My Name Is Kevin

I am one of the new salesman at Midlands Volkswagen in the heart of South Carolina known as, Columbia.  I am thrilled to be working here because I believe in the product that I am selling.  I feel as if today’s car buyer is searching for something special in an automobile and Volkswagen has it.  I believe that German engineering is truly top notch and I am really excited about building a career on it.  And, it is a career, not a job.  A career is a little different than a job, because it implies long term.  Volkswagen is long term.  They started in ’49, and haven’t begun to start slowing down.  Speaking of slowing down, let’s talk Turbo.

For the record, turbo is not something to generate fear in the buyer.  Turbo just means, that air is forced into the combustion chamber, creating more power and efficiency, rather than what is created by a standard engine.  When I was in high school, everyone talked about the 5.0L engine that was in the Mustang.  It had to be fast, because that was what the State Highway Patrol used to catch bad guys.  Obviously, from that statement, you can gather that I am not a car guy.  But, something happened to me on the day that I took this job, I test drove one of the VW’s on the lot and instantly became a car guy. Now, I am probably not going to ever be one of those guys with the “toot can” exhaust systems on their cars, but I have become someone that wants something more out of a car than the possibility of throwing it into 4 wheel drive. And that Turbo charged engine that Volkswagen has put in their cars, is calling my name.

This blog, is a way for you, the reader and potential car buyer, to learn what I learned, as I searched for the right car for me.  Hopefully, by listening, watching and reading the information in these blogs you will see which of these cars is right for you.  Are you a family man like me?  Do you have 2 kids and dogs that need a place to ride, like my family has?  Or are you a single person who needs performance and the thought of a Turbo Straight Injection (TSI) engine makes you get lost in daydreams?  You might fit into both of these categories and think that the Volkswagen CC is the right car for you.  Whatever it is, VW is something that you should consider, and the 2017 models are starting to roll in as we speak.  So, come along with me, and together we will be able to find the right car that fits your needs.  #thinknew

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