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Have you been in a Volkswagen dealership and heard the term, “R-Line?” Don’t be alarmed, it is not what you think. It is actually a trim level that Volkswagen offers on some of it’s vehicles. The R-Line trim has premium features and sport styling, and some models even offer better performance. Depending on the VW vehicle in question, the T-Line trim package can be at the top of the trim levels or somewhere in between, which offers value. There are four VW’s that offer the R-Line trim package. The Beetle, Tiguan, CC and the Passat.

This is the first year that VW has offered the R-Line trim level in the Passat, and they set this trim package off with a bang. As in, the best bang for your buck. This Passat is designed for the driving experience. It has 19″ wheels for a smoother ride, and paddle shifters on the steering wheel for more control over your driving experience. The R-Line also has the App-Connect feature that really makes driving a pleasure. With an available lighting package and comfort package the new Passat delivers on driving excitement. The thing that sets the look apart from the other Passat models that are available are the bumpers and exterior trim. This car is designed for fun.

If this is the type of car that you are looking for in your driving experience, come to Midlands Volkswagen today and see if this is the car that fits your needs. But, do it soon because these cars are price to move.

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