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November 11th, 2016 by

VW at night

My First Trip In My VW

This past month, I did something that I said I would never do. I sold my 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic. It had 265,000 miles on it and still ran like a champ. I will miss her incredibly. But, I can promise you that I would not have made this decision if there wasn’t something that I wanted more. I recently took this job at Midlands Volkswagen as a customer service rep/social media guru. It was at that point that I started test driving the cars that I was now representing.

To say the least, I fell in love with what I was showing to customers. The power and driving experience that the Volkswagen TSI engine offers is second to none. And with the different comfort levels that are offered in each vehicle, it was really a tough decision for me to make. The speed and efficiency of the GTI was amazing, and the executive level of the Volkswagen CC made me feel like a real adult. But, there was one vehicle on the lot that seemed to speak to me for several reasons. It was the Volkswagen Tiguan. This Compact Utility Vehicle had everything that I was looking for in an automobile. It had the 2.0L TSI engine under it’s hood, and the 200 horsepower was a no brainer. The versatility of the trunk space and back seat made it perfect for me to haul around my photography equipment and my two beautiful children. The best feature on this vehicle for me, was the panoramic sunroof. It just felt good having it open as I rode down the highway.

So, as soon as purchased my new Volkswagen, I hit the road. I decided that I wanted to see all of South Carolina. I wanted to see our state in a new way, so I decided to drive through each city to on my list. I would drive from Columbia to Charlotte, NC. From Charlotte, NC, I would drive over to Greenville and Spartanburg. This would give me a chance to see how my new Tiguan performed in the highlands of SC. From the northern part of our fair State, I drove down I-26 to I-20, where I was able to cut over to Florence, SC. It wasn’t long ago that I lived in Florence. It has a special place in my heart, because that is where my daughter was born. From there, I drove down to Myrtle Beach and took a casual cruise down the Grand Strand. It isn’t the summer time right now, but I was still able to grab that feeling of being a kid again under that wonderful blue sky.

With that sunroof open, I was able to get the smell of that salt air all day long as I drove down Savannah Highway. I drove through Charleston, SC. That is the home of my alma mater, the College of Charleston. As I continued along Highway 17, I remembered what it was like when I was in my 20’s at College. The world was my oyster back then. When I arrived in Hilton Head, I drove around the island thinking about what it was like to live at the beach. I had one more stop to make on my trip before I went home. I had to stop in Savannah, GA to see the Riverfront. It was always amazing to me to see the giant tankers maneuver through the river with ease.

As I drove back home on I-95, I thought about all of the places that I had lived and the experiences that I had gone through and wondered, what is next? To see all of these great places in the time span of two days, was incredible. My Tiguan was everything that I ever thought it could be and more. It was efficient, comfortable and a pleasure to drive. It was the right vehicle for me. What Volkswagen is calling your name? Come to Midlands Volkswagen and let me help you find the one that fits your needs. It’s a brand new world for me, don’t you think it is time you started to #thinknew?

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