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Volkswagen Beetle TurboHave you ever wondered what the term turbo really means to a car? The modern day engine is a remarkable feat of human inspiration and creation. If you ever sat through a physics class, you know that in order to make an engine work, you need fuel, fire and oxygen. The fuel, being gas matched with oxygen, gives the spark plug something to ignite. Without the fuel, the fire would go out. Without the oxygen, the fire would not be able to “breathe.” So you can see, that it takes all three to work together, in order to make combustion. Originally, there was the naturally aspirated engine. Air came in from the intake, and the combustion could breathe.

Now, you have the turbocharged engine. The difference between an engine which draws air in all on its own or, the naturally-aspirated, and a turbocharged engine is that the air is “forced in.” The more air you can get into the cylinders, the better the combustion will be. The fire will burn with more power and with more efficiency. This is why naturally-aspirated engines used to be bigger to increase power output. A turbocharger simply forces more air into a smaller space. This means you can get more power from a smaller engine.

A turbocharger is a part of the exhaust system and is gets it’s power from the exhaust gases. You have two fans inside the turbocharger. These two fans work together to pull the exhaust fumes in and compress them into a more efficient way of burning fuel. This compression creates a lot of heat, so the intercooler that is also inside cools the air to keep it from overheating. A waste valve also prevents the turbocharger from pulling in too much exhaust.

Volkswagen understands the need for power and efficiency in today’s automotive market. So VW has turbocharged all of their 4 cylinder engines. You can find the turbocharged engine in all of these vehicles.

  • Beetle
  • Golf Family (GTI, R, Alltrack, Sportwagon)
  • Tiguan
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • CC

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